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a large green field with trees in the background

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability 

Reid Health has invested heavily in environmental stewardship. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our global carbon footprint.


  • Waste reduction is a key area of focus for Reid Health sustainability. Everyone within the organization works together to recycle disposable materials – specifically the large amounts of cardboard that the organization receives and processes daily.

Green Roof

  • The Reid Health green roof was implemented to enhance the aesthetics of the roof top. Surrounding patients and visitors with greenery has been shown to decrease stress and increase overall well-being. The green roof also contributes to the reduction of energy consumption.

Healing Garden

  • Reid Health focuses on incorporating a healing environment with the meditation garden. The mission of “wholeness in body, mind, and spirit” was manifested in the design of the garden. Discover nourishment of the body in the patio, calming of the mind in the waterfall, and spiritual centering in the labyrinth.

Energy Consumption

  • Because hospitals operate 24/7, steps have to be taken to reduce carbon emissions caused by energy consumption. Reid Health has taken steps in the form of switching from CFL to LED lighting – dropping the energy consumption of approximately 5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) to 2.6 million kWh annually.